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9 Oct

Linecheck women, diverse women

Linecheck women, diverse women

Linecheck supports the Keychange project, for a better gender balance in music industry. Different from each other, constantly experiencing diversity through their music and in their lives: these are the Linecheck19 women. Let’s meet 3 of them.

ARLO PARKS – Her first single “Cola” caught the ear of many listeners and British music industry insiders (BBC Radio 1). Her literary and musical influences range from jazz to R&B, pop, and punk/emo culture and great inspirations, from Sylvia Plath to Fela Kuti.

BLU SAMU – She combines rap, hip hop, funk, R&B, jazz and brazilian rhythms in such a natural and impressive way, still mantaining her urban style (in 2018 she won at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, in New Urban category).

GINEVRA – She grew up near the woods and mountains, thus developing an intimate connection with nature and  introspection. “RUINS” her debut EP, is a journey of renaissance from the ruins of a broken heart. Electric impulses, loops and whispers, hovering between the dark atmosphere and bright, sharp sounds.

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