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22–26 november 2022
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11 Oct

Exclusive live showcases in LA CAPSULA: get immersed in sound

Exclusive live showcases in LA CAPSULA: get immersed in sound

How does it feel to be immersed in sound waves?
In LA CAPSULA you can experience it for yourself.
LA CAPSULA is like an aquarium. But instead of water, it gets filled with sounds. All around, infor a 360° perception. Once inside, you can just sit, close your eyes, let go of all your spatial references and abandon yourself to the stream of sound. Or dance and party hard with the lights out.

LA CAPSULA is the core of musicROOMS, in BASE Milano: it functions as both a recording studio and a cosy performing room, equipped with soundproof walls, a control room, 60 mq auditorium and an innovative 3D sound system. It’s a project powered by Music Innovation Hub, in collaboration with BASE Milano, Cariplo Factory, INTORNO LABS, B-BEng / BOXY.

The amazing experience of being totally sourrounded by music will become a reality during Linecheck Meeting 2019: from 21 to 23 November BASE Milano will host more than 60 panels, talks, workshops, and LA CAPSULA will be open too for special live showcases.
Save these names and dates in your agenda:

KETY FUSCO – h 15-16
IVREATRONIC (Enea Pascal, Bitch Volley) – h 16-17

BIRTHH – h 14-15
FACTORY FLAWS (Ginevra, HÅN, Eugenia Post Meridiem) – h 15-16.30
TROPEA – h 16.30-17.30
GO-DRATTA – h 17.30-18

KIOL – h 15-16
METATRON (Holograph, Bjrg) – h 16-17

Come and discover the new 3D sound dimension.
Entry with: FULL PASS, 3 DAY PASS, or SINGLE DAY ticket.
To enjoy the CAPSULA experience, grab your ticket now.

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