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22–26 november 2022


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Jeremy Dunne

Founder / From Play to Rec

Jeremy Dunne

Jeremy Dunne started his carrer as a front of house sound engineer in his early twenties before heading towards the world of recorded music. Nevertheless, he still managed to improve his skills as a front of house engineer, working every once in a while with a a few bands on tour. In parallel of his activity as a producer / sound engineer, Jeremy imagined a documentary series through which he wishes to highlight the creative steps that the artists go through when they write a song.He surrounds himself with skilled colleagues and engages a partnership with the “Studio Capitole” in Toulouse, the “Globe Audio mastering” studio in Bordeaux to produce the pilote episode of his documentary series From play to Rec. Jeremy then decides to create, in addition of the documentary series, a more immersive experience for the audience : The Open Studio Sessions. It is with the help of the legendary brand “Universal Audio” that Jeremy starts developing this idea of public recording sessions.

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Jeremy Dunne

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