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22–26 november 2022


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Daniel Antal

Data Scientist & Co-Founder / Reprex (Netherlands)

Daniel Antal

Daniel Antal, CFA is an experienced data scientist, consultant, economist, and the co-founder of Reprex, a Netherlands-based startup that brings the benefits of big data to music organizations with shared resources and research automation, and created the Digital Music Observatory. Combining financial valuation experience with scientific research affiliated with the Centre for Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia and Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam, he is working on novel ways to measure the economic value of music in streaming and to understand how could recommendation systems be more ethical. His recent work includes understanding the economic factors in the devaluation of music streams in 20 European countries within the UK Music Creators' Earnings project and understanding why recommendation systems rarely recommend Slovak music for Slovak people within Slovakia.

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Daniel Antal

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