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22–26 november 2022


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Adrian "Ace" Köhlmoos

Game Designer / Project manager / TribeOfDawn Enjmin / Cologne Game Incubator (Germany)


My name is Ace, born in Germany and now 26 years old. My life revolves around games in any form, because my lifelong dream is to become a holistic game design professor.

Why is this relevant?

Because that's why I'm pushing myself into different fields of game development, so that I can become a lecturer who understands the subject as something whole.

I have worked as a game designer and system designer, as a project manager, teacher, event organizer and even as a professional gamer in Esports and I still don't have enough and would like to learn and experience more of this wonderful medium.

What makes me different is my deep expertise in system design and player psychology, especially in the area of cognitive biases.

Apart from that, I'm an open and positive person who likes to talk to other people about ideas and concepts, and I also like to get myself into the odd 3 hour discussion about UX. It also makes me happy when I can give other people something for their life's journey.

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Adrian "Ace" Köhlmoos

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