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22–26 november 2022


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Tom Gray

Founder & Songwriter, Composer and rights activist / #BrokenRecord Campaign (United Kingdom)

Tom Gray

Tom Gray fell off a piano at the age of 3, leaving a cut above his left eye. Undaunted by this disastrous start, he has spent most of his subsequent life committed to music-making. Now with over 25 years of composition behind him, a devotion to making music - and to those who make it - remains. As does the scar.

A founding member of Gomez, a band who made a trademark out of their eclecticism, they won the Mercury Prize in 1998 and then went on to become a major live act around the world. Outside of his work with the band, Tom developed a career as a composer. He scored 'In My Skin', a comedy-drama, for the BBC last year. Most recently he began work on a commission to write a stage adaptation for the Roald Dahl Story Company.

He had what he describes as a ‘genuinely misspent youth’ focused on politics and has spent the last few years using that knowledge and experience to advocate for music creators as best he can. Indeed, he has become one of the most active and trusted creator and artist rights advocates in the UK. He founded the #BrokenRecord campaign which was successful in bringing about a UK parliamentary report into the economics of the music industry and has helped to drive a global conversation about artist rights. New laws are being proposed in the UK as a result of Gray’s advocacy and knowledge of digital rights and supply chains. Tom is also an elected Council Member of PRS For Music, works closely with the Musicians Union and sits as a Board Director of The Ivors Academy (representing British songwriters and composers).

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Tom Gray

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