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22–26 november 2022


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Oliver Marco Dawson

CEO & Founder / Pluggers srl (Italy)

Oliver Marco Dawson

Oliver Marco Dawson made his debut in 2002 as a presenter on RTL Hitchannel, which later became Radiovision, and then worked with All Music TV, which then became Deejay TV, initially as a member of the music department and then as the author of The Flow, a programme dedicated to rap music.
With the advent of digital music, Oliver worked for two major streaming music projects: TimMusic and TIDAL.
The passion for rap music has led Oliver to collaborate with numerous artists including Egreen, Mudimbi, Massimo Pericolo and BigMama.
In 2021 Oliver founded HiFi & DeFi (,a newsletter that tries to tell the story of how the music industry will change with the advent of blockchain technology. The newsletter also has a podcast made in collaboration with Matteo Tambussi.

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Oliver Marco Dawson

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