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23–25 november 2021
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Tuesday 23 November

Music and European Identity

10:00am - 11:30am

BASE Milano: Spazio A - Lounge


As a powerful, affordable and effective communication tool, music means culture and business, content creation for nearby technology and creative industries, and so much more.
Europe is not only home to diverse and colourful musical identities, but also to very different domestic scenarios, as well as a diverse public and political focus on music and its cultural and industrial ecosystem from country to country. These large differences apply to the legislative framework, to financial support and funding programs, and to internationalization. What should the role of a global actor be when it interferes with, eg. America, UK, Asia and the rest of the world?
Let's consider then, what should a European identity be, in terms of set of values, artistic creation and the musical economy?
#Creator'sRights #PlayFair #BeyondBoundaries

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Tuesday 23 November