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23–25 november 2021
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Thursday 25 November

Future Ticketing

3:00pm - 4:00pm

BASE Milano: Spazio B


Access management, starting from ticketing, is a major part of the fan’s experience. Since March 2020, the debate about ticketing has been focussed on ticketed live streaming or reimbursing policies, new demands like seated plants and various healthy and safety management measures, while the secondary market, after scandals and negative press, showed a new potential of managing ticket allocations of cancellations and postponed shows. In the meantime, society has taken a significant step towards digitalization. So, what’s been cooking throughout the last couple of years in the world of ticketing? In order to not just go back a somewhat unsatisfying pre-pandemic scenario, how could and should this significant part of the music economy steer towards a consumer and artist friendly, transparent and inclusive improvement?

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Thursday 25 November