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22–26 november 2022


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Thursday 25 November

Are Attention Economies The Post-DSP Scenario?

4:00pm - 5:00pm

BASE Milano Spazio A - Lounge


Presented by CreativeSHIFT
Are Attention Economies The Post-DSP Scenario?... or just another secondary way of making extra cash? Monetized chats, whatsapp numbers, and in-stream tip jars have already become a source of income. But is this the new scenario for artist survival, becoming the most important piece of the pie, or just a personalized evolution of Subscription models a là Patreon, Crowdfunding rewards or backstage Meet & Greets?
If so: music would be the accessory, the promotional tool for becoming a celebrity with a large and solid fan base. But how does this apply to up-and-coming talent or to those who - still - put music before image?

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Thursday 25 November